Support Katie’s New Album…and Inspire Kids!!!

kickstarterlogo Hi Everyone!!! It’s official!! My new album fundraising campaign has kicked off. My goal is to raise $10,000 in 44 days to record my album.  As you may know, my students that I meet through my Fingertips Program are at the top of my priority list, and it’s so important to me that I continue to move forward with my music, set new goals, and reach them!! Why so important you ask? Because I want to show these kids they that they too can do anything they set their mind to!  Please go to the link below and check out my Kickstarter funding page. I have tons of cool rewards for different donation levels!! So not only are you helping with the album, there’s something in it for you too! Thank you so much again for all your love and support since I started on this crazy journey. I would not be here without you.


Click here to be part of music history!!! Donate and help fund my 3rd…and best album yet!!!! 


Thank you again, and lots of love,




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