Katie Quick, Sheryl Crow, Gene Simmons and…Sting?

Music News Nashville: Review of Valley Between Love (2011) Katie Quick —

Sweetheart of the Chicago public school system has got to be singer-songwriter Katie Quick. This former sixth-grade teacher had the gumption to leave her position to follow her dreams; she’s in the good company of other past educators who became singers, most notably Roberta Flack, Art Garfunkel, Gene Simmons, Sting and Sheryl Crow. Now, Miss Quick’s ex-students are surely a-buzz about her sophomore album, “Valley Between Love.” Self-produced along with Chip Hardy, this country-pop crossover is cascading with catchy, melodic choruses sung straight from her open heart.

The artist has a hand in writing all fourteen songs here, and she really resonates when delivering uncomplicated, image-filled lyrics. The title track is country-soul optimism with a vintage vibe, and a strong, belted-out performance. In happy, radio-friendly rollicker, “Best In Me,” Quick sings the praises of her love interest, “You’re the comfort I’ve been craving/You’re the calm to my storm/You’re my never ending weekend/You’re the one I’ve waited for.”

The best of Quick comes through on the bittersweet “Chicago Summer Nights,” with its intimate string and piano arrangement, where she wistfully remembers: “I rode shotgun at 17/How I loved that passenger seat/Eyes closed face into the warm midnight wind/My lungs filled with freedom/And grand plans of leaving/Not knowing that one day/I’d look back in time and say/ I miss Chicago…” She’s got dynamics as much as she’s got honesty in her voice.

By Janet Goodman


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