Become a FINGERTIPS Sponsor for an Inner-City School!

When I started the Fingertips School Program, one of my goals was to provide each student who attends an assembly with a copy of my album.  I’d like to start this initiative for students in the lower income schools and eventually work my way up to providing a cd to every student who attends one of my presentations. To make this happen, I will need your help!

On October 28th, I will be presenting the Fingertips Program to Morrill School in Chicago. This is where I taught 6th grade before moving on to pursue my music career. Morrill is an elementary school located in a very low-income area in the Gage Park neighborhood.  300 of the school’s students will be in the audience that day, all of them having earned a “ticket” to the assembly as a reward for good behavior and attendance.  It would be a dream to give each one of these amazing students a cd, especially considering it was students from this school who first inspired my song “Fingertips” and now the program.  I am looking for a sponsor (or sponsors) who would like the purchase the cd’s for Morrill in exchange for tons of great advertising.

Whether you decide to donate 300 cds or 30, for every one you purchase, a sticker with your company name and logo will go on the front of the album.  Your company will also be listed on my website as one of the sponsors!  I am hoping there is someone out there that can help provide these students with music and help bring even more success to the Fingertips Program. If you or someone you know may be interested, please contact me at  Thank you for your support!!



  1. hey i want one of ur cds sso badly but i dont have much and i dont know where to get it

  2. Megan Thompson says:


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