KQ on ABC (super early) Morning Show!

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to perform live on ABC Morning News in Chicago. I arrived at the studio before the sun came up around 5:00AM. State Street was peaceful at that time….very different without the thousands of people bustling about on your typical Thursday. I was hoping the early morning arrival meant easy (and cheap) street parking, but unfortunately due to the filming of the new blockbuster movie, Superman, the streets were reserved for the fancy Hollywood folk. Around 5:15AM I went into the green room for hair and makeup (a girl’s dream come true!) and then it was off to sound check. My first slot of air time was schedule for 5:40AM to sing a song. This was definitely the earliest I had ever had to sing in front of everyone, let alone on-camera in front of the most popular morning news show audience in the Windy City! Luckily though, I started warming up at 3:00AM when I woke up (sorry I woke you up mom and dad!) Soon after that I my favorite meteorologist, Tracy Butler, came in to give the interview. I have to admit, I was a little star struck seeing as she is my all-time favorite weather lady and on-air personality, but I totally played it cool….(I think) :) I have to thank Tracy and ABC for giving me so much time on-air and saying such wonderful things about me and my music! They promoted the heck out of my website and new Fingertips School Program. I even got to play five of my new songs from the Valley Between Love album. What more could a Chicago girl ask for?? :) 

The famous Tracy Butler and I after the interview :)

If you have never had a chance to be inside a news studio, it’s so fascinating. Everything is fast paced and timed to the second. The stage manager is running back and forth giving cues to everyone in the different rooms of the studio. You never really know if the staff are talking to you or talking to people in their headsets (yes I responded to the camera guy when he was obviously talking to someone he was hearing in his ear piece…lol) I don’t know how they keep track of it all! I have to say my favorite part of ABC studios has to be the crazy robotic cameras. I mean these things freaked me out at first! I was in the studio at first warming up by myself, and all of a sudden these cameras start rolling around pointing at me with no one behind them! I could’ve sworn the room was haunted, but nevertheless they were controlled by humans in another room I soon came to find out. Haha :) Anyway, the interview and performances went great and it was another awesome experience for me. I want to give a shout out to everyone at ABC for helping get my music out there to even more people. It’s because of opportunities like this that I’m able to reach an even bigger audience. If you missed the segment, you can watch it by clicking on the link below! Enjoy!


Being a tourist in my hometown :) Outside ABC Studios after the show!

Click this link to watch my live interview and performance on ABC!!!


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