5-Stars for Valley Between Love!!!

Maverick Magazine, July 2011 Issue


5 stars

Soaring vocals and a voice that excels with this stature of song… she’s really gone and done it again!!

Opening with On My Own, this powerful voice of country-pop, has really done it again. Her wonderful vocals and lyrical enchantment has you wrapped up in her songs before you realize. Writing melodies that are soaring and armed with a voice that excels with that stature of song, and an independence that makes her a joy to work with and to listen to, her passion makes this record a joy from start to finish. The second track is the title song Valley Between Love, a song about the space between two people and the troubles in love that make a relationship something actually quite difficult to keep. ‘If you keep on with the miles, someday soon your tears will turn to smiles…’ Best In Me is fun-loving and joyful, clutching onto love and the feelings that run away with you, while Threw It All Away is about the end of a relationship and feeling empty inside. Make You Mine is an honest look at life and love and the fortunes of following your heart. ‘I’ve got no direction, so I’m just following signs. There’s one thing I know for sure it’s just a matter of time, till I’m gonna find a way to make you mine…’ The final track, The First Time, is a beautiful way to close the album, about putting: ‘everything on the line for the first time’ and the feeling of letting go of all inhibitions and following your heart. This song sums up Katie Quick’s music perfectly for me—it is quite simply a labour of love and VALLEY BETWEEN LOVE displays true passion, talent and dedication from someone who will continue to build her own music career based upon real, honest songs from the heart. Absolutely inspirational work!

Laura Bethell, Maverick Magazine

Country Star Reba McEntire graces the cover of this month's Maverick Magazine...a sign of good things to come? I hope so!


  1. Paul Miller says:

    Congrats Katie on your release and that its doing so well. Plus congrats on the 5 star rating. Hope to catch you when you are in our area in Sept. Listen to WYCD all the time. Look forward to hearing from you.. Paul

    • hey paul! thanks so much for your support. my show on wycd will be streamed live online. hope you get a chance to tune in! hope all is well :)

  2. i like this

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