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Press Review of Be The Change.

Maverick Magazine

Infectious, country release that is intriguing, captivating and compelling… for a self released, self produced debut, this is a masterpiece.

This album has caught me by surprise. With so many American female country vocalists trying to hit the big time, we’ve been inundated with review requests. But this is truly awesome. Opening with Lonely Stage; an upbeat full country sound, convicting in both style and ability, Katie soon makes a huge positive introduction to her music and the level of talent on show here. As the story gets underway, country twang and lyrical essences stream through and the current is somewhat uplifting. The second track Gone provides us with a convincing love song but also the chance to see Katie take on a slower track with passion. By now I was comparing her to Laura Vecchione, Alana Kurtis and Lisa Redford, but with track three 85 Degrees this all changed. Suddenly a full catchy country-pop song hits the waves and within a minute you’re hooked and everything’s changed. Now I could happily put her in the same category as Carrie Underwood, Dixie Chicks and Jewel—the wonderful vocals shine through as do the songs that come across with ease and conviction and the musicianship that tidily provides a bouncing board to immense success. ‘California’s not what I thought it would be, despite the sun always shining on me… Cos it’s 85 degrees, but I’m still lonely.’Fiddle, guitars, drums, pedal steel, Dobro all feature on this album and all songs have been written by Katie. For a self-released, self-produced country album, amongst all of the releases at the moment, this shines brighter than any country release I’ve listened to in a while. Something About The Rain introduces us to her bluesy style, which is again impeccable and features a wonderful guitar solo. She continues on this wonderful streak with a few rocky, grittier tracks—blues and country-pop—but all of them as riveting as the next. For fans of any of the names mentioned above and more, Katie is set for success beyond her wildest dreams—one question stands… how is it that Katie Quick is still unsigned? LB

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